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The Last Templar


Title: The Last Templar

Author: Raymond Khoury

Genre: Mystery Thriller

Publisher: Dutton, p406

A murder in the museum, theft of an antique, vatican, secret of Jesus, Templars, ring any bell? Yes, it is a mystery thriller of Dan Brown type. But so what, as long as it is good I don’t have any complaints and it is a good read indeed.

While many historians and archaeologists still trying to figure out what made the Templars so powerful and also why did they were eradicated so cruelly on the friday, the thirteenth. Dan Brown took one assumption of Holy Grail and Mary Magdalene. Here Raymond Khoury takes another assumption of the secret about the miracles.

On the day of archaeological exhibition of the items from Vatican, a group of four people dressed as Templars ride in horses and steals many valuable items. The FBI agent Sean Reilly and an archaeologist Tess Chaykin tries to uncover the case through which they got to know about the secret of Templars which would shake the world if revealed. What was that secret and who stolen the items. Read on the novel.

This is a good read if you are a lover of mystery-thrillers like me. Except for few glitches it was just the same as Dan Brown’s. So if you are a Dan Brown fan, you’ll definitely like this book as well.

The secret about Christianity and various cults like Knights Templars, Illuminati etc., are the great sources for mystery thriller novel writers I guess. There are plenty of them available after Dan Brown’s success. I don’t know whether it is good or bad, but we get to know about lot of historical incidents that you can’t read in normal history books.

Here in this novel also there are many historical incidents and cults that I never heard of. Templar’s background, a sect called cathars and various other things. Also, the desperation of archaeologists of finding something big like Troy and Tutenkamen.

Read it if you want to read a fast paced thriller with some of historical titbits.

My rating ★★★☆☆


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