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Before I Go to Sleep By S.J.Watson

It was pretty boring when no one there in Goodreads, so I just gone around the ads in the home page, there was an impressive ad about the book ‘Before I go to sleep’. When I checked the reviews and the synopsis, I immediately placed the order. Somehow I had an intuition that this book would not be a disappointment.

This is a mystery cum psychological thriller. Christine Lucas wakes up in the morning in an unfamiliar bedroom with an old guy. Then she has been told by that guy that he is her husband and she is an amnesiac who forgets everything once she slept. Then once he left for work, she gets a call from a doctor who claims they are working on her treatment without the knowledge of her husband. When she met the doctor, he gives her a journal which he says it was hers and she gave it to him for reading it once. What the journal contains? Who was she? Read on the book.

It was really wonderfully written novel that doesn’t make you bored in any page. The suspense and mystery gets intensified when you read on towards the end. The thriller part towards the end was also equally interesting.  

The story is narrated by the amnesiac, Christine, herself. So he keeps the narration in present tense as she would not remember anything happened in the past. When I was wondering then how would she tell us the background of the story, there cometh the journal, which she writes for past one month to update herself on what happens daily. The confusion of her whether she actually reads on her experience or some work of fiction and searching for evidence to realise that these were true are all perfectly captured.  

The writing style was very simple, except some of medical terms there were absolutely no difficult phrases used. Throughout the story, I couldn’t find any incident that I could put aside saying ‘this is not possible in real life’. The whole novel was of incidents that are completely believable.

I think I would add SJ Watson as another author whose next book I wuld wait for. He wrote this book so wonderfully that you would not feel this is his first work in any place, at least I couldn’t with the little knowledge of authors’ books i had read.

I guess this book would be a perfect choice for group reads etc., as this has a lot to discuss and would induce different opinions on the leading characters. The filming rights of the book was already acquired and I think this will make a great movie had the actors do justice to the roles. 

My Rating for this mystery cum psychological  thriller is ★★★★☆


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