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The Sign of Four

Another Sherlock Holmes novel. This is the story about Holmes escapades on the search of missing Agra treasure.

Mary Marston starts receiving one pearl a year for past six years. Suddenly she receives a note saying ‘she was a wronged woman’ and she should meet a man who would compensate all the wrongs done to her. She can have two non-cop friends accompany her. With no one can trust she comes to Holmes. Whether they were able to find what was wronged her and the mystery behind the pearls she was receiving? Read on the book to find out.

One good thing about this novel is that there were not much clichés like Study in Scarlet, mainly because the plot was not much easier like the latter. I guess Conan Doyle himself felt that the first novel is more of the love and Holmes had very less part to play in it. He even did mention the same through Holmes in this novel that the first one was more of a love story which anyone can write.

When you read through ‘The Sign of the Four’, you could easily find that Doyle made sure that Holmes role is important than any of the characters involved in the mystery. For me, this is the novel that makes me think Homes as Hero. The details of the reasoning in the house of mystery were too detailed that would make you look for those if you have end up in any of the parallel situations. Particularly the chapters where he finds out the travel routes of the boat were ingeniously put in.

There is a flashback story in this novel as well, of course after finding out the guilty person. This time the story was not too great like that of Study in Scarlet which made me forget the Holmes adventure at all. Instead this one was a strange story setup in India where all the characters involved were negative.

This is another short novel of 120 odd pages which actually introduces Holmes as Hero. Doyle made sure no doubts would put up on that.

My Rating for this Sherlock Holmes novel is ★★★☆☆


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