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Hickory Dickory Shock By Sundip Gorai

Whenever I read the mystery thrillers, I use to think why Indian writers are not trying anything like this. Most of the current generation of Indian writers – IITians – follows Chetan Bhagat and try to copy him. Of course he is a successful of current lot and his influence would be there on most of the writers, but if you write the same how people will get interested.

When I take up this book to read, the genre mystery thriller from an Indian writer itself impressed me very much. Then the story set up in the backdrop of an IT industry crisis, so most of the things I could easily relate to.

The novel starts with some funny events when I thought Sundip as another writer of Chetan Bhagat influence. But he proved he was not once the story comes to the business end. Once 210 and Geeks starts trying to solve the puzzle that would lead them LoRD, the story gets gripping pace and I never thought of putting down the book till it was done.

I was always fascinated by the research done by Dan Brown, whenever I read his books. I felt the same with this one. There should have been lot of efforts put into this work to have that puzzle and the related things. The kamasutra cipher, the emperor machine, bhagavat gita riddle everything would need a lot of research and time-consuming. This effort definitely needs to be recognized.

The protagonist 210 was a blend of Robert Langdon and Sherlock Holmes. When I thought the novel is the inspiration of Dan Brown, it takes different perspective once the reasoning pitching in. The last two, three chapters you would feel like reading Sherlock Holmes reasoning of deducing the crime from 210.

Of course there were few flaws. Some of them are logical like the backups for example. The backups of any company would not be kept in the same location. Most of the times it would be in some other city so that it can be reloaded from there whenever some disaster happens to the original development centre. And I felt some chapters end abruptly in the middle of the conversation. It made me feel like watching short films without proper editing.

But we can ignore these small shortcomings with the fact that it is his first novel and the story is gripping enough to make many of us not even notice these. Overall if you were wondering whether there would be any mystery thrillers from Indian writers with India and its history as the backdrop, this book is the answer. Hope this book would be a success and there will be many more books from him. May be it is time to know something about India also.

My rating is ★★★★☆ for this book.


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2 thoughts on “Hickory Dickory Shock By Sundip Gorai

  1. Seems to be an interesting one.. will get it if I come there 😉

    there is another series which I heard of an Indian author.. The case of missing servant… is also good… check that.. 🙂

    Posted by kanagu | June 5, 2011, 1:08 pm

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