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Eye of the Needle

I chose to read Eye of the needle by Ken Follet  because there were no Pillars of the Earth copy available in the book shops I had searched. Knowing that Ken Follet was a successful thriller writer before Pillars of the Earth published, I was confident enough the book will not disappoint me and I was right. 🙂

Eye of the Needle is the story that was set up in the period of second world war with the German Master Spy ‘Die Nadel’ (or ‘The Needle’), MI5 officers Godliman, Bloggs and a young lady Lucy as leading characters. In the second world war, the spy ‘Needle’ found out the UK’s plan of deception on the France invasion. MI5 agents trying to stop him from convey his result of espionage to the Germans. Have they succeeded or not, read the book to know it.. 🙂

Ken Follet is a different type of story teller for me – the one who accustomed with fast paced one day plots by Dan Brown. He starts slowly with the background of each leading characters and the story slowly picking up the speed, towards the end it’s been really difficult to put the book down.

When I read the book, I felt like watching a movie, the author wrote it too detailed like a screen play so that it is easier to visualize the things he penned down. The story starts some four years back from the main incident with different areas and gradually all the characters brought together to link up to the main story instead of telling about the characters’ background as and when they were introduced. Actually this helps him the keep up the pace towards the end as he doesn’t need to introduce anyone there.

Also the incidents are so realistic that makes you think it could have actually been happened there. Ken Follet is a really good author. I guess I will read more of his in the coming days.

Well, there were some of the things I am not able to write it as it would be spoilers for those who are still yet to read the book.

My rating for this wonderful thriller is ★★★★☆

If you like thrillers, don’t miss it.


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