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The Final Reckoning

The Final reckoning, a Dan Brown Type mystery thriller, that deals with the journey of former UN lawyer Tom Byrne who found the hidden secrets about the Holocaust incidents when trying to close in what looked like a murder by mistaken identity by UN officials.

This thriller of Sam Bourne is the third book, I have read of him. I would say this is the best book in the content-wise. I liked the flashback story about Gershon Matzkin more than the thriller of Tom Byrne’s adventures.

With the historical accounts of few news websites and wiki, I always imagined the Jew murders by Nazis are just like any other religious quarrels or some dispute between the minorities and majorities. But I never knew Hitler tried to make Jews extinct from the world. The complete details about the holocaust incidents and the final author note says nothing fictitious except the characters I couldn’t even imagine how would these people lived through those periods.

But this did not take away any credit from the actual story the thriller of Tom and Rebecca’s, Gershon’s daughter, adventures to find the resistance of ghettos and her fathers secret alliance.

As a thriller, the book offers enough twists and turns. Also the pace is ok. I say ok because it is not some thriller which travels at lightening speed. In between he has to tell us the Holocaust incidents also. So naturally the current story stops for sometime. But since the Gershon’s story also interesting you definitely will not feel bored.

When I read about this Holocaust incidents, I couldn’t help myself in comparing it with the Sri Lankan Tamils’ situation with this. Hitler was damned by all the countries and at least Jews got some type of condolence with the extinct of Nazis. Not sure when Tamils get some redemption.

One major drawback of this novel which made me not giving 5 out of 5 is, some similarities between his previous book ‘The Last Testament‘ and this, like, investigating with the son/daughter of the deceased, the protagonist was a former employee of the organisation who came from resignation to help, etc. But luckily the content is totally different.

My rating for this wonderful historical fiction cum thriller is ★★★★☆


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