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The Return of The Soldier

Cover of "The Return of the Soldier"

Cover of The Return of the Soldier

I was avoiding classics thinking they might be quite difficult to match my taste. But thankfully this book was chosen as January group read in the goodreads group. This book kindled my interest towards classics. Return of the soldier is a simple novel that deals with the emotions of the people in rather unusual situation.

The story line is simple. There was a guy, Chris, who loses his 15 years of memory due to the sudden shock while on duty. He thinks himself as 21 year old again and he forgets everything including his marriage.  The main line was about the three women, Kittie – his wife, Jenny – his cousin and Margaret – his erstwhile love that was broken 15 years ago and their emotions when they knew his memory was 15 years back when he was in love with Margaret, who now married to someone else.

In this novel, the story was told in the view of Jenny who was a confused soul, not explaining whether her affection towards Chris is a love or just adoration. This type of storytelling is quite new for me. As the story was told by Jenny, the characters explained as how Jenny thinks, not the actual one.

The novel deals with the human minds on some serious situations so it is somewhat going a bit slow. But it is a short novel- Just 46 pages in the e-book I downloaded – so you will not feel it is dragging.

The book was written in early 20th century, so you may feel some of the things are not relevant to the current advanced world. But the feelings of the human mind would never change even after a century, wouldn’t it?

I cannot comment about the classic writers, obviously their books are still readable because of their ingenious writing. The definitions of the Chris’ house and the Monkey Island are poetic.   

I recommend this book if you want an emotional story that deals with human nature of people that are from various backgrounds.

My rating for ‘Return of The Solder’ would be ★★★☆☆


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