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The Righteous Men

I bought this book, The Righteous Men, only because in the paperback cover it was mentioned that the mirror identified him as ‘the biggest challenger to Dan Brown’s Crown’.

It is also a mystery thriller just like the Robert Langdon series of Dan Brown’s. But it’s not the mystery of Christianity, instead it’s of Jews. The hero was not a symbologist who knows a lot about the religion though. He’s a reporter. The author, Sam Bourne, himself a journalist, he could tell the details of the work environment, the difficulties in the work quite naturally.

The main thing, it is a thriller. What about the pace of the novel? Yes, it is too fast and interesting just like the Dan Brown’s that you cannot put down the book.

There is a quite a bit of treasure hunt also. Like this, there were a lot of places where you could find the Dan Brown effect. But one thing about Dan Brown is he never ends the novel as the antagonist in a complete wrong. He always let in a grey area where we could decide on whether the person was at wrong or not.

But here in The Righteous Men, Sam Bourne left the antagonist in dark only. We never have a second thought like what he did was somehow right kind of.

The best part of the novel is the chapters that says the details of each Righteous Man. Each would qualify as a short story on its own.

The chapter where the protagonist, Will Monroe, knows the mystery is more like a philosophical discussion and it was a good to read.

There was a lot of information about one of the oldest religions, Judaism. Handling a subject like this without creating much controversy is itself a big thing. Existence of a Jewish community, Hassidim, in New York in itself a surprise and their belief and everything is just you would have never imagined that something like this is still there in New York.

I could guess the antagonist, three chapters before the author decided to reveal him. So I missed the thrill when the actual villain is revealed. Luckily the interest in the story does not end with the revelation of the antagonist. Another negative, I could say is the final fight between the antagonist and the hero, Will. It was too stereotypic where all the things we could guess.

The Righteous Men, as a complete book, is too good for a read. If you liked Dan Brown’s books, you would love to read this also. And the mirror is right about Sam Bourne. He is a big challenger for Dan Brown of course. But certainly not better than Dan Brown.

My Rating ★★★★☆


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3 thoughts on “The Righteous Men

  1. I had never heard of him before actually. Will see if I can manage to read one of his books.

    Posted by Harini | January 3, 2011, 11:29 pm


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