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Dan Brown, Thriller

Digital Fortress

I only read this book, Digital Fortress, after I read all the three Robert Langdon series of books by Dan Brown. This was the first book by Dan Brown.

This book is a techno thriller about the incidents took place in National Security Agency. There was a technically very strong NSA agent, who opposes the decryption of the personal e-mails sent by the people. He quit NSA saying one day he would create an encryption code that cannot be decrypted by any hacker.

And that day comes when he announce the world that he created an encryption method, ‘Digital Fortress’, that cannot be decrypted by any hackers. NSA got in a fix as this meant they cannot decrypt anything which in-turn meant that anti-national elements can use e-mails for their secret translation. They need to stop it. Were they able to stop it? Read on the book.

Although there are no Christianity related mysteries involved, the book still has the Dan Brown touch. There was a lot of information about NSA and encryption things.   

Only drawback is, some of these details given by Dan Brown in this book are out dated when you read it now. 12 years is too long for technical advancements. But still the book offers you lot more that you are yet to know in cryptography, like, Alexander’s method of encryption.

Here also, some part of the novel, hero David Becker (again a professor, not a Symbologist though) and the heroine Susan Fletcher need to solve some riddles. That marks Dan Brown’s style of writing.

I am not sure how come this book not became much success when it was released. It may be due to too many technical details on that time. Now though it is normal things that everyone knew.

The riddles in the novel are mostly general, so novel involves you also in it. Some of the riddles I could find the answers before the characters in the novel found.

This is another Dan Brown novel that you will not regret after reading it. It is a complete entertainer although not much travelogue, like Robert Langdon series. I would prefer you read it, if you like the heart racing thrillers. It will definitely increase your pulse during the final chapters.

My rating for this book is ★★★★☆


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2 thoughts on “Digital Fortress

  1. I read 10 pages but never got to completing it. Not that it was bad… I just dont know why but i started reading another book and forgot about it.

    Posted by Harini | December 25, 2010, 11:41 am
    • Unlike Robert Langdon series, here in this novel, the story does not picks up in very few pages.. It’s a typical thriller where the readers are being accustomed to the environment then picking up the speed to make sure they are with the pace.. A really nice read.. Try it another time.. It’s a fantastic entertainer..

      Posted by Anbu | December 27, 2010, 9:37 am

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