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The Lost Symbol

Cover of "The Lost Symbol (Robert Langdon...

Cover of The Lost Symbol (Robert Langdon, No. 3)

The Lost Symbol is the first Hard Cover copy I have ever bought. This book released by the time I completed the Da Vinci Code. The timing cannot be more perfect than this. Immediately I bought this book as I know I cannot wait for one long year till the paperback edition releases.

When I complete the book, I felt it worth it. The book was the best work by Dan Brown so far, better than the Da Vinci code.

Although, it is the same conspiracy theory, secret rituals of a brotherhood and the treasure hunt. Dan Brown knows how to keep the reader intact with the book once he starts reading it.

This is the third book of Dan Brown with Robert Langdon as the hero. With a symbologist as a hero, you cannot avoid the admiration of the buildings, history of various symbols among others.

Unlike previous novels, in this, the antagonist takes the primary place. The explanations about his rituals, his beliefs and his background of becoming a giant man all are fascinating. And as always like Dan Brown – Robert Langdon novels, here also the secret rituals of a brotherhood – Masons – is being explained.

There is a lot of information about Isaac Newton spread all through the book. One for example, the Newton degree, the one he used to measure the temperature, is a complete new thing that I never heard before.

Also the details about the interrogation methods, secret rooms in the capitol and many more make it yet another Dan Brown thriller which gives you a lot more than a normal thriller offers.

Unlike the previous novels, this one ends with a philosophical touch. Saying, the God is none but the collection of all of us. In simple terms, we are all together makes the God and He is not someone who sits in somewhere in Heavens, He is part of all of us. I liked this philosophical touch rather than controversial ones in the previous novels.

I read somewhere that Dan Brown spent nine years in the research of this book to complete it. And I am sure it worth it.

When you complete this novel, you would feel you have read extremely interesting thriller with a lot of twists you have never imagined and also read a philosophical book and read an encyclopedia that gave you a lot of information you would have never known unless you read this book.

 Now the paperback edition of the book also released. It is worth a read.

My rating for this book is ★★★★★


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  1. I so wanna read this book!

    Posted by Harini | December 17, 2010, 11:29 pm

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