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Dan Brown, Mystery, Thriller

Angels And Demons

Angels and Demons is the book that made me a huge fan of Dan Brown and interested me to read all his five books.

It is a mysterious thriller. Of course all the twists and turns you expect in a normal thriller can be found in this. But the standout characteristic of this book is to relate the historical facts and real places into a fast pace thriller.

Dan brown is the great narrator of the places. We can easily imagine the place when he explains it. The minuscule details of each and everything about the places and the historical importance of those tempt you to go and see the place in real.

In this novel, the places are the churches in locales Rome. The details of each and every church and the sculptures, the meaning of each sculpture are simply superb in the novel just like the story itself.

And other important references that gave a controversial edge to his novels are the inclusion of the hidden historical facts and the secretive organizations.

In Angels and Demons, some awful facts about the Vatican church and the pope selection, their aversion against the scientists to keep their hope alive is being told by the protagonist Robert Langdon throughout the novel.

Also, the information about the secret brotherhood Illuminati, the one founded by the then scientists to develop and share the science related knowledge. Their fondness of pentagon, number 5, pyramid and the path of illumination, all these are fascinating.

The most interesting thing is the treasure hunt kind of puzzles hidden in the Bernini’s sculptures on the churches across (rather cross) Rome.

The novel mainly deals with hostility of religious people against the scientists as it proves most of the religious beliefs were wrong.

The novel set on a fast pace similar to the speed of the CERN’s flight referred in the novel itself. Once you pass the first few pages and from Langdon setoff to find the path of illumination, it is very hard to put the book down. Dan Brown really knows how to keep a reader occupied and also include his interests of riddles, mysteries etc.

The story neither ends that antagonist is completely wrong nor right. It ends in a grey area. Dan Brown let you make the decision of whether he is right or wrong. It makes you debate whether the antagonist is wrong or right, just like all his other novels.

The film adaptation of this novel missed a lot of beautiful things mentioned in the novel.  When I completed the book, I was very much interested to watch the movie as soon as possible. But unfortunately, once I watched the movie, I was very disappointed that the movie did not do justice to the novel. Lot of details and beautiful scenes of the churches were sacrificed for the fast pace of the screenplay.

My rating for this book is ★★★★★


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