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Deception Point

Deception point, a Dan Brown Novel which do not have any treasure hunt like riddle solving. But still the book is as interesting as others.

The story happens in the time of presidential elections where NASA is becoming the target of the opposition. Suddenly NASA says they have discovered something that could change the all the criticisms by the opposition as false and it can regain the confidence of the tax payers. This could help the president to win the elections. What did they found? Was that really helpful in the elections? How the opposition did take it? Read the novel.

Are there no other knowledge bits? It is an ordinary thriller? Come on. It is Dan Brown’s. How would there be just a story. This one offers a lot of insights about the NASA and the truth behind the so called alien sightings.

Also the hero being an ocean scientist, you could obviously find much information about the ocean creatures. Here the protagonist is not the male part. The NRO gister Rachel is the main character in the novel than the oceanographer Michael Tolland.

Also the main characters involved the president of US, the opposition candidate and other political staffs; it offers you much more information about the political structure of US and the manner in which the elections are happening.

Deception Point takes much unexpected turns than his previous novels. But for me, huge fan of Dan Brown’s riddles, it is not fully satisfied, though it is as faster as any of his other novels.

 Although, it is a techno thriller and already 9 years passes from the hardcover edition of it, but still many information about the aircrafts, meteorite among other things are still afresh as these things are not yet for common knowledge.

If you love thrillers, this book is a recommendation for you. Although it is not a Dan Brown type thriller (Of course there are Dan Brown touch in many places), it is a good read.

My Rating ★★★☆☆


Digital Fortress

I only read this book, Digital Fortress, after I read all the three Robert Langdon series of books by Dan Brown. This was the first book by Dan Brown.

This book is a techno thriller about the incidents took place in National Security Agency. There was a technically very strong NSA agent, who opposes the decryption of the personal e-mails sent by the people. He quit NSA saying one day he would create an encryption code that cannot be decrypted by any hacker.

And that day comes when he announce the world that he created an encryption method, ‘Digital Fortress’, that cannot be decrypted by any hackers. NSA got in a fix as this meant they cannot decrypt anything which in-turn meant that anti-national elements can use e-mails for their secret translation. They need to stop it. Were they able to stop it? Read on the book.

Although there are no Christianity related mysteries involved, the book still has the Dan Brown touch. There was a lot of information about NSA and encryption things.   

Only drawback is, some of these details given by Dan Brown in this book are out dated when you read it now. 12 years is too long for technical advancements. But still the book offers you lot more that you are yet to know in cryptography, like, Alexander’s method of encryption.

Here also, some part of the novel, hero David Becker (again a professor, not a Symbologist though) and the heroine Susan Fletcher need to solve some riddles. That marks Dan Brown’s style of writing.

I am not sure how come this book not became much success when it was released. It may be due to too many technical details on that time. Now though it is normal things that everyone knew.

The riddles in the novel are mostly general, so novel involves you also in it. Some of the riddles I could find the answers before the characters in the novel found.

This is another Dan Brown novel that you will not regret after reading it. It is a complete entertainer although not much travelogue, like Robert Langdon series. I would prefer you read it, if you like the heart racing thrillers. It will definitely increase your pulse during the final chapters.

My rating for this book is ★★★★☆

Kite Runner

Cover of "The Kite Runner"

Cover of The Kite Runner

Kite Runner would definitely goes as one of the best novels I have ever read. I could not believe that this is Khaled Hosseini’s first novel.

It is about a story of a young Afghan boy, his childhood, his account of soviet invasion, US life. I start reading this book after a lot of people telling me this book is too good and thankfully they were all correct. It is indeed a wonderful book.

Main thing I liked was the part of the childhood age, the period when the kites were flying freely in Afghan. Before reading this book, I had never imagined Afghanistan as a normal country just like any other where people have freedom. Whenever I heard of Afghanistan, the image of Taliban, bomb blast and the burkha clad women were the only objects in appear in the mind.

But this novel changed all. A period when even Afghan people enjoyed the life just like rest of the world (rather rest of the world I knew). The friendship between Amir and Hassan, their childhood fantasies, etc all were penned beautifully.

And when I thought it’s a feel good story, there came the twist, the betrayal, the defeat of afghan government and the departure.

The account of Taliban tortures in Afghan filed perfectly that whoever reads it, would feel the pain their people suffering. The beauty of the novel is the same book covers the wonderful, happier days as well as the darkest days of the country so that you can see the difference between those two and could feel the their people’s worry about their country.

The attractiveness of Kabul and Wasir Akbar Khan district was well accounted as well the weariness of the same place at the Taliban region when Amir returns. The friendship developed between Amir and the driver, Farid, who gets Amir back to Afghan and encounter with Farid’s brother’s family all are nice little parts.

In the part of childhood, the part which is the best as per me, the author makes us feel go back to our own childhood. Everything he wrote is in the view of a kid’s mind nothing tells you that it was written by an author who was already 40. Seeing his father as a hero, longing for some pure love from his father, jealousy on the other boy who gets the same treatment from his father, everything makes you believe the narrator was a 13yr old boy.

His account of discrimination directed at the Hazara Muslim Community is something you would hardly expect from a man from the Pashtun Community which was actually discriminated them.

The life of Afghan refugees in the US and Amir’s father’s pride as an afghan never-fading even as a refugee were well accounted so as the little love portion between Amir and his future wife.

A nice poetic ending added it to all. When I finished reading this novel, the immediate thought in my mind was the happiness for not missing this wonderful novel.

My rating for this book is ★★★★★

The Motorcycle Diaries

Motor Cycle Diaries by Che Guevara, is a revolutionary book. It is a travelogue of Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara when he decided to go around South America with his friend Alberto.

Many would attribute the success of Motor Cycle Diaries to the success of Che himself as a mass leader. But I differ from them, IMO the book still would have been successful even if Che did not become what he had.

In this travelogue, he just records the things he had seen as a young medical college dropout. When I say travelogue everyone would think that this would be the one which is flat nothing interesting to read etc.

This is where Che, the writer, stands out. A wonderful honest description of the important events happened throughout this six month-long journey.

At the start of the book, he mentioned that, ‘the person – Ernesto Guevara, a happy traveler – who took these notes died already’, as he had transformed into a revolutionist. When I read the book, I sensed the revolutionist in him coming into existence during the travel itself.

His account of mine workers in Chile, discrimination against the Indians in Peru, the ignorance of leper patients throughout the journey announces the transformation of the easy rider into a revolutionist.

The descriptions of Inca civilization and their defeat against the Spaniards showed his disapproval of the defeat of indigenous people and their discrimination. When he saw the North American tourists in Machu Picchu, he says, ‘how these people would know the importance of this place and pride of their ancestors as these North Americans are not indigenous or at least semi-indigenous people like most of the Latin Americans’. I don’t think these are the words of an easy rider, I think these kinds of thoughts are the initiation for his revolutionary alignment.

Throughout the book, you can see the life of various countries in 1950s. The livelihood of people was not comfortable those days. Even the communism and communists were banned and in Peru all the mines were of foreign entrepreneurs. By reading these things, you could easily see the reasons of Che to become a comrade.

I felt the book ended in a midway. I expected a more formal finish like the travelogue extended till Che reaches back Argentina. Not sure what stopped him taking notes of things after Alberto decided to stay back. Che would have wanted even this book to end in a revolutionary way.

I am searching for another travelogue of Che, On to the Road again – in which he wrote down the details of his travel to Guatemala and became a marxist politician – ever since I completed this book. But not getting the book anywhere.

It could be due to that book did not become much successful like this one. As in this one Che’s political ideas had never taken a mention. It’s a complete travelogue that noted the important places all over South America during the 1950s period.

It is a nonfiction book, So obviously the entertainment factor would be missing a bit but not completely. I would suggest you to read this book to know about Che and the need of his transformation into a revolutionist, also to know about 1950 South America and a brief history of Inca Empire.

My rating for this book is ★★★★★

The Lost Symbol

Cover of "The Lost Symbol (Robert Langdon...

Cover of The Lost Symbol (Robert Langdon, No. 3)

The Lost Symbol is the first Hard Cover copy I have ever bought. This book released by the time I completed the Da Vinci Code. The timing cannot be more perfect than this. Immediately I bought this book as I know I cannot wait for one long year till the paperback edition releases.

When I complete the book, I felt it worth it. The book was the best work by Dan Brown so far, better than the Da Vinci code.

Although, it is the same conspiracy theory, secret rituals of a brotherhood and the treasure hunt. Dan Brown knows how to keep the reader intact with the book once he starts reading it.

This is the third book of Dan Brown with Robert Langdon as the hero. With a symbologist as a hero, you cannot avoid the admiration of the buildings, history of various symbols among others.

Unlike previous novels, in this, the antagonist takes the primary place. The explanations about his rituals, his beliefs and his background of becoming a giant man all are fascinating. And as always like Dan Brown – Robert Langdon novels, here also the secret rituals of a brotherhood – Masons – is being explained.

There is a lot of information about Isaac Newton spread all through the book. One for example, the Newton degree, the one he used to measure the temperature, is a complete new thing that I never heard before.

Also the details about the interrogation methods, secret rooms in the capitol and many more make it yet another Dan Brown thriller which gives you a lot more than a normal thriller offers.

Unlike the previous novels, this one ends with a philosophical touch. Saying, the God is none but the collection of all of us. In simple terms, we are all together makes the God and He is not someone who sits in somewhere in Heavens, He is part of all of us. I liked this philosophical touch rather than controversial ones in the previous novels.

I read somewhere that Dan Brown spent nine years in the research of this book to complete it. And I am sure it worth it.

When you complete this novel, you would feel you have read extremely interesting thriller with a lot of twists you have never imagined and also read a philosophical book and read an encyclopedia that gave you a lot of information you would have never known unless you read this book.

 Now the paperback edition of the book also released. It is worth a read.

My rating for this book is ★★★★★

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